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Texas Laws

New Appellate Decisions on June 26, 2017

Fifth Court of Appeals

The Fifth Court of Appeals of Texas decided The State of Texas v. Manuel Torres Ibarra (05-16-00729-CR) and The State of Texas v. Mohammad Dabirul Islam (05-16-00881-CR) on June 26, 2017. Both of these appeals were from Aggravated Sexual Assault charges.


State of Texas Reinstates Illegal Immigrant Harboring Law

New Texas Law - Smuggling of Persons

The Underground Railroad was illegal in the 19th century. Those who participated were¬†hiding enslaved people in violation of the law and were at risk of prosecution for harboring slaves. While slavery is not a legal institution today, there are still people hiding from government persecution because of their legal status, …

anti-rape laws

Texas Anti-Rape Laws Being Pushed for on College Campuses

New Texas Law Proposal

Sexual assault on campus has been a hot topic in Texas for the past couple of years. From the scandal at Baylor to the high school hazing scandal and false reports of college rape, like the one at Stephen F. Austin,sexual assault cases have regularly made the news, permeating the …

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